Here is a list of website that might be interesting for news and conferences about the new space economy

  • News sites

An american newsfeed:


An australian one:


The “Front page of the internet” has a specific section (subreddit) devoted to space news :

  • Conferences

Reinventing space Conference each year in London (end of October) organised by the British interplanetary society (


DataSpace Yearly conference on the use of data from space, late january in Glasgow, sponsored by Spire


Big Data From Space The First edition is to be held in Munich, 19-21 Feb 2019


New Space, Space Frontier  American ( , Seattle, late june) and European ( Luxembourg, late November )


Space Conference , by Business Bridge, Late january in Brussels, with EU, ESA, Copernicus…


Space Forum, usually in May, in Luxembourg


Space Cafe  in Luxembourg (but not only… organised by i-space)


Asteroid Science Intersections with In-Space Mine Engeneering, ASIME a yearly conference organised by the University of Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg Space institutions

Luxembourg Space Resources The luxembourgish state project for Peaceful exploration and Sustainable utilization of space resources for the benefit of mankind (twitter @SpaceRESlux)

Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) The luxembourgish Space Agency: The place for space develoment, supporting innovation-focused and business-minded players moving forward together in Luxembourg’s can-do environment to pioneer the future of space.

  • Podcasts

Some very good podcasts are available if you prefer to get your informations delivered to your ears

Gravity Assist, by NASA :


Interplanetary Podcast :


Space Rocket History :


Main Engine Cut Off :


Star Talk :