General Meeting : January 17th 2019, 6pm (location to be confirmed)

The LSTA will hold its First General Meeting on January 17th 2019.

Location is to be confirmed, but mostly depends on how many members can make it, so please, we need your feedback !

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And fill up the survey mentioned in the following event : General Meeting Survey


Slides from Global Space Economic Forum (GSEF 2018)

In case you missed it...

You can find here a recap, the slides, and even the video stream of the Global Space Economic Forum (GSEF), organised by the European Space Agency (ESA) that took place in the Netherlands.

If you want a more lively report, feel free to get in touch with Tor or Fabrice who attended this event.

Three US NewSpace companies settle in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Space Agency announced that three well-established New Space companies have chosen to settle branch in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg:

Made In Space

Cube Rover


The word on the street is that more are to come...

A presentation of LSTA by its co-chair

A video is worth a thousand words : By the way, this video was posted on the channel of the Luxembourg Space Agency which can be foud here

Spaceport 2019

The program will focus on RESOURCES. How we can extract, use and manage them better and in a more sustainable way. On earth and on other celestial bodies. Robots, drones and rovers. Sensors and big data analytics. Waterless processing and efficient energy management. Artificial intelligence and remote & autonomous operations. Harsh environments from deep sea to outer space. CLARION HOTEL & CONGRESSConventor ASStøperigata 38, 4014 StavangerNORWAY

Space Industry Day: Luxembourg meets Ariane Group

The Luxembourg Space Agency invites you to a “Space Industry Day: Luxembourg meets Ariane Group” that will take place the 19th of October in Luxembourg (at the Chamber of Commerce).

The preliminary agenda is the following:

Presentation of Ariane Group

Space logistics : Ariane Group vision regarding transportation needs for the future exploration and utilization of space resources

Technology enablers for traditional and new space (Light composite structures, Chemical and electric propulsion systems, Equipments and sensors, Additive layer manufacturing...

Luxembourg launches its space agency (LSA)

You surely know it by now, but today, Luxembourg has launched its space agency (LSA, Luxembourg Space Agency) with the goal of promoting the further economic development of the Grand Duchy’s space industry by attracting businesses, developing human resources, providing innovative financial solutions and supporting educational and research infrastructure. Marc Serres has been appointed as its first CEO.

LSTA is proud to be among the partners of the Agency.

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Most of the event management for this association is and will be done on Meet'Up.

Of course, all events will be posted in the Calendar or Members section of this site, but if you want to acutally register for our events, we kindly ask you to join our Meet'Up group.

See you soon.

Creation of LSTA asbl



We are proud to announce that the LSTA has just been created as a luxembourgish asbl. Soon we will provide some informations to become a member if you want to join us and participate to our activites !


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